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Marcella Homma, owner of Marcella's Patisserie

Welcome! I'm Marcella, and I'm passionate about creating delicious baked goods to sweeten your day. From cakes to cupcakes, each treat is crafted with care and a dash of love. Join me in indulging in the simple joy of homemade goodness. Welcome to a world of sweetness!


Established in 2021, my journey began with a simple mission: to share my passion for baking with others. Since then, it's been a joyous adventure of crafting custom cakes, creating wedding masterpieces for beautiful celebrations, and whipping up a variety of other yummy treats.


Every creation is a labor of love, and I'm thrilled to bring the sweetness of homemade delights to your table. Welcome to a world where passion meets pastry, and every bite is a taste of happiness!

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